Food Collage Caution Collage It's a Big World Collage Goldfinch Glen Collage
It's My Land Collage Hills of Home Collage Lissa with Tomatoes Collage Olive Oil Label Collage
Salmon Collage      
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Most of my collages are created the old fashioned way – I start with a pencil drawing of the collage, or just an idea in my head, and then use scissors to cut small pieces of paper, and lots of glue to create the collage. Almost all of my collages are created from preprinted paper (usually from magazines), although I occasionally also include pieces of foil, metal leaf, and found objects. Recently I've been exploring digital only collage, which is both easier and harder (naturally!).

Along with these collages, see several of my Christmas cards and other collages for commercial projects -- 2016 COPE invitation, on line ads, No on R postcard, No on AF postcard, CCSR IE postcard, and 1st District IE postcard for additional collages.

It’s a welcome respite from sitting in front of a computer!



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